The Mamelodi Baptist Church (MBC) is a church that is rooted in the community that surrounds it . This has been borne out by the appreciable growth in the size of attendance at church services and the number of people that are visiting the church and who continue their association with it. However, it has also become clear that the church has to seek to ensure that the growth is consistent and sustainable going into the future, and that such growth is accompanied by conversion of visitors to church members and the retention of the latter

  • Events


    Ladies Conference
    from the cross to crown wearers

    29 October 2016
    9am - 16h00 .



  • Our Services

    Friday – Young service : 18:30 (Main Church)

    • Worship team practice :18:30 (Day care centre)
    • All night prayer : 21:00 once a month

    Sunday – Family bible hour (FBH) classes : 09:00 (Main church)

    • New member classes : 09:00 (Board room)

    Baptist Men’s Department (BMD)

    • Ongoing gatherings on a monthly basis

    Baptist Woman’s department (BWD)

    • Tea fellowship ongoing on a monthly basis

    Young Adults Fellowship (YAF)

    • Gatherings ongoing on a monthly basis.
  • Our vision

    All nations made disciples of Christ

    (Matthew 28:19)

  • Our mission

    ‘Teaching and Teaching’: Teach about Christ (‘Make disciples’; Information) and Teach into Christ (‘Teaching them to obey everything Christ commanded’; Transformation)

    (Matthew 28:19-20)

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Join us

Monday – Prayer meeting: 18:00





Wednesday – Cell group meetings: 18:30 ( Should you require information of the cell meeting or want to know which cell group you belong to please contact one of the Elders)

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5464 Section P,
Cnr Shabang and Kgomo street
Mamelodi West